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Dynamic Energy Storage

A new option to process braking energy: the Dynamic Energy Storage DES. A solution that is independent of the mains. One device that can be used on
almost all converters and servo controllers with a maximum DC link voltage of 800 VDC. The DES is an opportunity to increase the energy efficiency of
various applications, to save resources, protect the power grid and even the users nerves.

Unlike the direct DC link capacity expansion of converters, the active DES does not have any contact
with the input side of the mains. The DES is only energised and charged in the event of braking.

The DES independently sets the range of its working voltage level. This range is defined by two values
from the voltage level of the DC link: the maximum voltage level of the DC link and the minimum
voltage level of the DC link. From now on the DES starts absorbing energy from the DC link once the
voltage level reaches the defined maximum value (e.g. in case of braking). As soon as the voltage level
in the DC link reaches the defined minimum value (e.g. in case of accelerating) the DES returns its
stored energy to the DC link. This is the moment when energy is being saved, because instead of
using power from the grid the converter is driven by electrical energy from the DES!

The DES stops supplying energy once the voltage level in its capacitor reaches the dynamically
established charging level / minimum voltage level and waits for the next braking event which
recharges the capacitor. Charging, discharging, charging, etc. can take place in fractions of a
second without causing any power circuit feedbacks.

Active buffer module for DC links
> for single axis and multi axes systems
> independent adjustment (Black Box)
> no displays or any kind of control elements
> shorter cycle times result


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